Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pork chops & green apples

We took our test at the language school to see which level class we'll join. I'm a A2 and John is a B2. Considering I only know some basic vocabulary and present tense and John is fairly fluent, there must be a wide gap between A2 and B2. We'll find out next week. While at the language school we visited with an Australian couple who have been traveling since January. They packed their collapsible bikes and use them to cruise around the city. 

On another note...we met a young couple in our B&B last night who left their jobs in Chicago months ago to travel through the Mediterranean and South America and will then return to the United States and move to Austin! They've already familiarized themselves with the city and want to live in the same neighborhood we do, and they run. Small world!

After our test we went to check out the, "inexpensive and very good restaurant" near our apartment recommended by Javier. We ran into Mercedes there and then enjoyed the Plato del Dia - pork chops and salad. It was so good. We also ordered wine  - just because we could & it's a fun thing to do. Wine with lunch in Argentina? Why wouldn't we? After lunch we walked home, napped and prepared for our first workout with the running group!
Plato del dia: pork chops & salad & dessert for 30 pesos = US $7

After asking the Universe why in the world we would eat pork chops and wine for lunch before a run, we put on our running clothes and went to the park to meet up with the local running group at 6pm: Nike Running Team Mendoza. While we were looking for the group, we ran into the program coordinator at our school, Soledad. She is one of the nicest people.  She hugged us and introduced us to her boyfriend.  We met the running group and they were all very nice & welcoming -- just like the Gazelles. (We miss the Gazelles!!!)  After our warm-up they offered us Gatorade. It was a green apple flavor and I didn't want to stop drinking it because it was like drinking a Jolly Rancher. mmm.

We did a few short sprints: fast out 50 meters and slow back x 5 followed by a 2.5 km run around the lake.  We did this twice and most people did it three times. I think we were just fatigued from all the walking and traveling, but it felt so good to run! The whole time I was running I kept trying to think how to say "green apple" in Spanish so I would have something to talk about, but all I could come up with was zanahoria verde "green carrot," so I kept my mouth shut and just ran.  p.s. For the record, it's manzana verde.
El Parque

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