Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Today we visited two language schools and seven apartments. We decided on a language school and look forward to starting there Monday. Both schools showed us apartments we could rent and if we were 22 years old they totally would have worked. But, something must’ve happened in the past 13 years. I think it surprised us both that neither of us wanted any of these apartments – too dank or dark, small or loud. When did we get old and choosy?! You should see some of the places we stayed in Spain last year.
We returned to the B&B around 7pm to regroup and rest. We mentioned our search to Javier and the prices of these apartments. He said it would be a shame for us to pay that much and we just needed to be patient and continue looking. Then he looked up a Mendoza website and found a list of apartments for rent, called the owner of one and we were scheduled to go look at one at 8:15pm. So, we went at 8:30 to meet the owner and look at the apartment. It was perfect – not totally what we pictured, but is clean, close to the school and in a safe neighborhood and more affordable than the apartments we visited earlier.
When we left the apartment, Javier drove us over to the school so we could count the blocks to the apartment. He also pointed out his favorite nice restaurant and the restaurant where he and his mother go everyday for lunch. They are both a block away from our apartment. He was so helpful to us and went entirely out of his way to help us and I think he was late getting home to his wife and 3 & 4 year olds who, “don’t make you younger, just make you more busy.”
Mendocinos are very nice people from what I’ve experienced so far. Every time we say “gracias” they say “no, nothing” or “no, no” as if it really wasn’t a big deal to just work two hours late helping out some Americanos.
To celebrate our apartment that we’ll move into on the 22nd we went to dinner and ate at 10:00 pm like two true happy Argentines.
Beautiful Weeping Willow in Plaza Chile near our apartment. 

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  1. Hi Maggie, my name is Roberto Eizmendi, I met your father a couple of month ago when we took our daughter to his practice. We just move to the Amarillo area from Argentina, we used to live in the city of Villa Mercedes, Province of San Luis, that is East from the Province of Mendoza.
    Due to our activity we have several friends on the city of Mendoza, if you need any help, just let me know and I will get them to contact you. One of my friends use to run the half marathon you just run, his name is German Groisman and he is a great guy.
    My e-mail is
    Good luck and enjoy your stay in Argentina.