Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Apartment #8

We woke up last Monday a bit sore from the half-marathon but energized by the notion of moving into our apartment! When we went down for our last breakfast at the B&B, sweet Mercedes told John that she wanted to take us (and all of our stuff) to our new apartment.  She drove us to meet the landlord, Senor Padilla, to pay rent and get the keys. She was so sweet and we were sad to say good-bye! 

The apartment is about a 10 minute walk from our school, 15 minutes from the park and one block from the supermarket which doubles as a mini-walmart. (They have everything!)
Yes, it's as small as it looks! It's cozy: a dining space, living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. We've made ourselves at home and will be here for the next three months. 

I was excited to cook and not have to eat out.  Even though we found a few vegetarian restaurants, I was so tired of eating out! Please, no more steak, chimichurri and white bread. 

First things first: tacos!

I've been craving tortillas and salsa like you wouldn't believe. I haven't found a store that sells tortillas, so I bought flour, baking power, salt and butter.  While I did have a recipe from the internet, I did not have one accurate measuring device, but that didn't stop me. I simply channeled my inner Diana Kennedy and got down to business... 

Tacos y salsa! 

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  1. Anonymous8/28/2011

    LOVE it! Congrats, Maggie! Enjoy the city, the apartment, school, and the salsa! Thanks for sharing the adventure.