Saturday, August 11, 2012

House Transformation Continues

Our floor was sanded and stained, we have AC and we have appliances. I'm so ready to unpack the juicer and set up the kitchen!

floors - sanded and stained

Next up - last big project before we move in next week is to paint the floor in the back rooms.

T-minus one week until move in

I had my first breakdown last Friday. I was scrubbing baseboard that we'd removed months ago to prime and paint so that we could put them back in the house on Saturday. I was overwhelmed by the cobwebs, the nicotine stains, the grease that covered the baseboards. Even though I've spent the past 3 months removing grime from inside the house, this proved to be too much. I think it all caught up with me. After I called John for consolation, I sat on the tree stump chair and just cried.

It was early evening, so John came home from work and we went to our favorite neighborhood cafe for dinner & a drink before returning to the house to knock out the painting to be ready for the next day.
trim and baseboard to paint for install the next day
writing on the back of trim & baseboard from when the house was built

We've made progress the past three weeks: passing inspections, hanging drywall, painting window frames, building a retaining wall in the backyard for drainage, painting the new drywall with the help of friends, electric is finished, and AC is installed and running.
window painting
new drywall and we painted the back office/laundry/bedroom with the help of friends
retaining wall to keep the flood out of our yard
sweet relief