Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Dream House Week 1

House Week 1 Goals

Clean out yard and clean up house to have a blank(ish) slate from which to work. 
Remove drywall and the underlying cloth and paper layers to expose shiplap in front and middle rooms. Try not to get overwhelmed by the amount of cheesecloth strings attached to the shiplap walls by tacks that need to be removed.  
Try to get rid of acrid odor. 

We went over the day we closed to get to work. We met some of the very nice neighbors and heard tales of the house and some good street gossip. :) 

At week's end, we were successful at most of our goals. Still working on the odor emanating from the back room floor. All in all a good week! See all house pictures here

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  1. I looked at this again and could not figure out why your first sentence was "asses", as in more than one ass. Took me a whole 30 seconds to read it as "assess", as in to evaluate. I need a nap.