Monday, July 2, 2012

Nearly three months in...

It's a good thing I have experience in endurance events, because this house remodel is a similar process. Every few hours of work preps you for the next work session and contributes to the goal. Every action is based on the results of previous work. And then there's the fatigue. But we push through.

One thing I've learned is that we have to keep moving forward with whoever or whatever trade is ready, even if it doesn't match my original timeline, within reason of course.   For example, we hired the house painter to start even though I thought that would be last, you know, the "icing on the cake" as our painter says. Our painter is our neighbor Rey - Reynaldo - Rey-Rey - King Rey. We've spent many hours together over the past two weeks as he has prepared the house to paint. He's a true 78704 Austinite full of old neighborhood stories about the "speed freaks in the 70s" house, San Francisco Joe's house, he showed us where he was an extra in Clint Eastwood's A Perfect World in a scene filmed one street over from ours, tales of surfing in Central America and many, many more. Stop by sometime and I'll introduce you. He's probably at our house right now!

He's doing a fabulous job on the prep work for the house and we look forward to see the final result in another week.
Meet Painter Rey

Meet Carpenter Rick who helped us on numerous jobs. 
Meet the new Maggie & John. (We did, in fact, watch this recently.)

What have we been up to otherwise? Pulling out chain link fence, visiting my new favorite store McCoy's Building Supply, replacing rotten wood siding around the exterior of the house, getting a windowsill milled to replace the rotten one where the window AC unit was, and tearing down all the sheetrock in the back room to hopefully get rid of the animal odor.
Step 1: locate all the rotten wood - which was made easier because of Rey's prep work scraping the house.
Step 2: Go to McCoy's to find wood siding. 
Step 3: Prime siding
Step 4: Replace siding
I love demo days! See all that drywall? It's about to be gone. 


Home, sweet, home. 
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  1. Love seeing these people you talk about! One of my favorite posts!