Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weeks 5 & 6

We've had three roofers out to help us figure out what to do with the flat roof over the back room that was an addition in the 1950s. There are soft spots on the roof and water stains on the ceiling. Luckily, after all the rain we didn't have puddles on the floor. We decided to remove the sheet rock and insulation in an effort to track down the leak and, as far as I'm concerned, the more we remove out of the house, the more the bad smells and any lingering musty juju goes away. I'm all for it.

I had a gut feeling that I needed to get one more opinion, so we met with another roofer. It's likely we'll replace the back roof, get better insulation and won't have to worry every time it rains.

We got on a roll and decided to remove even more sheet rock in the living and dining rooms. All I could think was, "How many more tacks do I have to pull out of the wood?" In the end, though, it's worth it. We're liking how it all looks.

To top off our productive week Carpenter Rick finished finished the trim around the opening between the living and dining rooms, so we can really start to see our living room coming into shape. We also started priming the kitchen and doors. Seeing visible changes is keeping our energy up - for the most part.

I've had to tackle several of the things that I've been putting off - the nitty-gritty scrubbing and reaching into the floors of dark closets to pull fabric off the walls. I keep thinking every little step we do now, is one less step we have to do later. It all needs to be done. As I was removing shelves from the bathroom closet I thought about how we're undoing what someone else put a lot of thought into. The front part of our house is built well, and I know grandpa thought all these little things through - the coat closet bar that can't fall out of the grooves because of the shelf above it , the bathroom shelves, the kitchen shelves and cabinets. And here we are undoing it. And, some day, someone else will undo the things we did. Unless they just tear it down like the one around the corner and the one next door.

Next up - electricity and more painting!

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